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"Today, Federal 

design projects continue 

to transform visionary 

concepts into reality, 

producing buildings, 

landscapes, and products 

that meet human needs 

by combining performance 

with inspiration and 

utility with art." 

Washington ... the Boxley Valley 
Land-Use Plan in Harrison, 
Arkansas ... the Sunshine Skyway 
Bridge over Tampa Bay ... the 
O'Hare Extension Rapid Transit 

Line in Chicago ... and the 
Gardens housing complex in 
San Mateo, California ... are 
five of the 23 projects that have 
been honored to date with a 
Presidential Award for Design 
Excellence. They are reflections 
of the breadth and impact of 
federal design activities. 

Call for Entries 
1992 Presidential 
Design Awards 

The federal government is the 
nation's single largest builder, 
printer, and user of designed 
services and products. Ensuring 
that the federal government gets 
the best design is an integral 
part of responsible stewardship 
of public resources. 

To recognize excellence in 
design accomplishments and 
to honor those individuals who 
have made outstanding contri- 
butions to federal design, the 
White House is pleased to invite 
entries for Round Three of the 

Works that have been sponsored, 
authorized, commissioned, 
produced, or supported by the 
government of the United States 
of America are eligible. All 
branches — civilian, military, 
domestic, overseas — including 
all federal departments, agencies, 
bureaus and offices are within the 
scope of the Presidential Design 

the design work was a direct 
result of the purpose and mission 
of the federal office responsible 
for its creation. The connection to 
and contribution of this federal 
office must be clearly defined. 

Works must have been complet- 
ed and in use between January 1 , 
1981, and January 1, 1991. 
Applicants are advised to enter 
works only when sufficient time 
has elapsed since completion to 
enable the awards juries to evalu- 
ate the performance and user 

Engineering and Energy 

Graphic Design 

Historic Preservation 

Interior Design 

Landscape Architecture 

Industrial and 
Product Design 

Urban Design and 

satisfaction of submitted works. 
For example, a building will be 
evaluated not only on its aesthetic 
merit but also on its performance. 

Works that have previously been 
awarded a Presidential Award for 
Design Excellence or a Federal 
Design Achievement Award are 
not eligible. Works previously 
submitted that did not win may 
be resubmitted. 

The Presidential Design Awards 
recognize federal achievements 
for excellence in both design 
products and design activities in 
the categories noted above. 

Design products include com- 
pleted and implemented design 
works in any of the categories. 

Entrants are encouraged to 
present these as comprehensively 
as possible to indicate to the jury 
the breadth of the works. For 
example, enter a poster series or 
entire exhibit system rather than 
an isolated poster or display. 

Design activities include 
administrative or management 
programs, processes, and 
policies that develop, foster, 
or sustain design excellence. 
These include design awards 
programs, research and educa- 
tional activities, adopted master 
plans, or design guidelines. 

Selection of Winners 

Award recipients will be selected 
in a two-stage process by juries 
of distinguished design experts. 
The first jury will recommend 
entries to receive Federal Design 
Achievement Awards for meri- 
torious design. These awards 
will be presented under the aus- 
pices of the National Endowment 
for the Arts. A second jury will 
recommend the winners of the 
Presidential Awards for Design 
Excellence from among the 
Achievement Awards recipients. 

The following criteria will guide 
the awards juries in judging the 
entries. These criteria should be 
carefully considered when select- 
ing appropriate works and pre- 
paring entry forms. 


The undertaking must make a 
contribution that improves the 
federal government's ability to 



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exemplary de< 




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oficiency in all 


Who May Enter 

Current Federal Employees 
Federal employees with profes- 
sional responsibility for design 
works are eligible to enter. 

Former Federal Employees 
Former federal employees may 
enter design works for which they 
had professional responsibility, 
and which were completed during 
the time span stated in the eligi- 
bility section. Entry forms must 
contain signed certification by 
the federal office that sponsored 
the work. 

Non-Federal Entrants 
Federal contractors, state and 
local governments, and non-profit 
organizations that have completed 
design works for the federal gov- 
ernment may enter. Entry forms 
must contain signed certification 
by the federal office that spon- 
sored the work. 

Entries must be received by 
5:00 pm E.S.T., June 24, 1991. 


For an entry form or further 
information about the Presiden- 
tial Design Awards, call Thomas 
Grooms at (202) 682-5437. 

Announcement of Winners 

Winners will be announced and 
awards presented in the Spring 
of 1 992. All award winners will 

The President Design Awards 
are administered by the Design 
Arts Program of the National 
Endowment for the Arts, a 
federal agency.